Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a rental car?
Not necessarily but we do recommend one. The village is only 10 minutes walk to the tavernas and shops but a car is more convenient. If you contact us we can give you details of a rental company who currently offer 10% discount to Villa Miya guests. Vehicles can be collected and left at the airport. Make sure you get a vehicle big enough for your needs. Jeeps are great fun but they have almost no boot space.

Can we do anything we want?
Er… within reason. Most of the neighbours are residents so we ask that you respect them and please treat Villa Miya as you would your own home.

How do we get to into the villa?
There is a key safe outside the villa containing a front door key. When you have booked, about 2 weeks before your departure, you will be sent the combination. Please then replace the key and use the two sets of keys provided that will be inside Villa Miya.

What happens if we break something?
There is a small, £100, refundable deposit set aside for lost keys or minor damage. Anything substantial will have to be claimed through your travel insurance.

What’s the best way to book?
We prefer our guests to book on-line. From the Secure On-Line Booking page, simply use the Rental Systems site to register and pay your deposit. It is a fully automated (if slightly impersonal) system but it offers you full and statutory credit and debit card protection. In fact, we receive no money via Rental Systems until you have finished your holiday.

What time can we arrive and when do we have to leave?
Arrival is after 15:00 and departure is 10:00. This is so that Housekeeping have a minimum 5 hours to prepare Villa Miya for the next guests should we have a “turn-around” day. Departure times may be flexible but are by arrangement ONLY before commencement of your holiday. Additional charges may apply.

What about the mid-stay clean?
If you book for 10 days or more, you are entitled to a mid-stay clean. This will also include clean bedding and towels. A contact number will be left in the villa for you to call, should you wish it to occur on a day that you are out (most guests prefer this).

What’s in the Welcome Pack?
The Welcome Pack includes:

  • bread
  • teabags
  • sugar
  • milk
  • water
  • fruit juice

Can we get internet access?
Yes. We provide FREE, unlimited WiFi broadband. In the village, most of the tavernas have it and there is a public network.

What can we watch on TV?
We provide an Internet TV box. This accesses cloud-based TV channels much as you can on any computer. As such, it operates more like a computer with apps, rather than conventional TV control. There is a Guide provided.

Can we leave the air-conditioning on?
The air-con units are all on timers to prevent them being left on and over-heating. The most efficient way to use them is to ensure you close all doors, windows and curtains. We recommend decreasing use of the air-con as you acclimatise.

We’ve got loads more questions…
Send us an email here and we’ll do our best to help.